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About Me

Spreading Blockchain Education

Blockchain technology is the idealist's panacea to all of society's systemic and socio-economic problems. To the realist, blockchain technology and its cryptographic primitives, in conjunction with properly incentivized games provides the potential to alleviate some of the socio-economic and geopolitical issues that broader society faces. The bridge between the layperson and this multi-disciplinary domain is where you'll find me to act as your guide.

Running Crypto Bebop

The most successful products to have come out of the Internet age were the most user-friendly products. Apple, for example, dominates not for any technical superiority, but for its usability. Cryptocurrency key management, trading, and storage should be no different. I run a private group for beginner traders to share knowledge and intelligence about everything that encapsulates the burgeoning token economy.

Communications at Cosmos

I am the Head of Strategic Communications at Tendermint for the Cosmos Network and am the lead technical writer and chief editor of the Cosmos blog. I write long-form articles which break down the really dense stuff of protocols, distributed systems, and blockchain technologies and turn them into understandable chunks of information, disseminating them to readers at all levels of understanding.

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